I have been developing this new series for over a year. It evolved from the responses I received on earlier work and inspired me to pursue a simpler direction. My past work was inspired by the speed and complexity of the world we live in. I was infusing this work with complex visual clues to communicate the energy and technology that surrounds us, yet my audience responded to the art on another level, an emotional one.


I began to focus on that emotional response for this new series. I wanted to use color to express large emotions; happiness, tragedy, calm and so on. I wanted to trigger strong responses from my viewers by using less, rather than more.


In this series I have been taking elements away, simplifying the compositions and using negative space and especially color to highlight the compositions emotion message. I wanted my work to be purer and to remove obstacles between the physical art and the viewer. My objective was to create work that is universally understood and easily experienced by my audience.


I would appreciate your response to this new series.


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The Production of Crystal Dreams


I have been learning about the UV printing process for a number of years. I use it exclusively on my Kleer Series as it produces vibrant color, great detail, is archival and eco friendly. It allows me to print directly on a number of large substrates such as acrylic, glass and wood. The ink is cured with UV light as it is printed on the substrate making it durable and resistant to water and other elements.


For the Crystal Dreams series I am printing on opaque white mat acrylic which gives the art a soft gentle feel that is perfect for the emotional range of this series. There is a slight texture to the art which adds to the tactile appeal of these pieces.


The art is finished with a cleat hanging system, making installation simple and clean.

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