I am currently producing my finished art in three ways.  The first is a digital chromogenic color print on a special metallic paper. This process is similar to traditional color printing that Eastman Kodak specialized in for years but has become technologically advanced. The final digital file that I have created is expose to light-sensitive material to produce a latent image that is then developed using conventional silver based photographic chemicals. After I have approved the colors and checked the print for any flaws it is mounted to the back of clear acrylic. After that is completed it is mounted to an archival acid free board. It is then joined to an acrylic framing system to complete the art. The printing process, metallic paper and polished acrylic provides the final art with depth and a backlit appearance that is very compelling. The output process can take up to 3 weeks depending on the size and scale of the work. Additionally the final piece can be laser cut to create circles, ovals and other complex shapes for a distinctive look.


The second way I produce my art is with a custom LED backlit frame system. This works very well with large pieces (10 feet or more) and is custom built for each piece. The LED temperature can be controlled and if desired can also be installed with a light sensing mechanism that darkens or lightens the art depending on the time of day or light in the room.


The third approach is very new and I just produced the first prototype for a show in NYC. It incorporates a new printing process using ultraviolet inks. My art can be printed on acrylic, leaving areas clear. This allows the environment to impact the art and creates a 3D effect. I can also use another technique to implant my images in perfect glass instead of acrylic. To learn more about each, click on the  link below to see art created in these different methods..








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