Under Tow - 2015 - Private Collector - NJ

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There are many reasons to commission a unique art work for your home or office. Art is a powerful form of expression, not only for the artist  but also for the person who owns it. Art allows people to express their individuality and to represent their beliefs, feelings, hopes convictions and philosophy. Art encourages people to experience fresh perspectives but most importantly, it gives you a brief moment to reflect on the mundanities of our daily existence.


Above all, art improves the quality of your life by bringing beauty into your home. There are many reasons to commission an original artwork, everyone has a different reason and rational.


When I work with a client the most important element I bring to creating an original piece is to understand their life and what they want to express through the art. I have created art for individuals all over the world, for yachts, vacation homes, New York and London apartments, offices and individual homes.


In each case I worked closely with the client to understand and realize their dream. My collaborative process is methodical and smooth. I can visualize and place the art in your environment to help you make a final decision.


Let me help you to bring beauty and elegance into your life. Call me to open a conversation about your vision and life.





Wayne Charles Roth

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