Since I am a digital painter my art can be sized to fit your specific need. If you like a piece but it is too big or small for your space or wall please let me know your requirements and I will size it to accommodate. All work is created using the most archival materials and techniques available. I am constantly upgrading my methods and techniques, using the latest technologies. My work is 100% guaranteed, so you never have to worry if any problem occurs.


I produce my work several ways, chromogenic prints face mounted to acrylic, Ultra Violet printing on acrylic and backlight, using LED or fiber optic panels with duratrans prints. You can learn more about these techniques and technology behind them by clicking this link.


I welcome any questions or inquiries about your specific needs or requirements. I also create original pieces on a commission basis for specific requests.


Thank you for your interest in my work.


201 207 4719

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