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Technically speaking, digital art is defined as any artistic work created with the aide of digital technology. This technology would include computers, software, printers, digital projectors or screens. As our technological world expands, the tools available to create art begin to blur the traditional boundaries between traditional art and digital art. A traditional painting can photographed, then projected onto a building, then photographed again and printed out on an ink jet printer. Is that digital art? When does the painting cease to be a painting? These are very good questions that I will not attempt to answer or to point out the delineation between art forms.


My goal is to create compelling and powerful art that moves my audience and alters their view of the world. In the past when I used oil paint to create art, my goal was the same as it is today. Create compelling art. To me the tools do not change how I approach the work, no more than a brush would change how a painter communicates a mood or time of day.


Technology is a tool, a rather complicated tool but still a tool. It cannot think, feel or create on its own. It is the tool that I use to create art. I want my work to be assessed and measured by the same criteria that all art is measured, not by the process I used to create that art.


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