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Hi, I am Wayne 

I have been creating since I was a child. I see beauty everywhere. I knew early in my life that I processed the world in a more visual way than others around me.


I was mesmerized by the smallest detail in a stone, a pattern in a blade of grass or the way the bark on a tree grew. The natural world was amazing to me, full of beauty, wonder and surprise. I learned at an early age that creating was what made me feel right and connected me to the outside world.

I have worked in the arts all my life and have had many different careers; graphic designer, illustrator, photographer and digital painter. I have always been very excited about technology and how it impacts every aspect of our lives. I decided over 25 years ago to embrace and incorporate the latest tools available to create my art. 


This lifelong obsession has led me to this very moment and the art I create.

Some additional facts about me

I currently live in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey. I have a Masters of Fine Art from Rochester Institute of Technology and began creating digital art on computers in 1995. I have had the good fortune to exhibit my work in shows, museums and art fairs all over the world. I am an avid fisherman and love german shepherds.

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If you would like to know more about how I create my art or would like to discuss a commission please reach out to me.

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